This is for all of you who have supported Thoda Bahut with contributions and otherwise. Here is what your efforts have led to!

On this page, we intend to document what we are delivering on-ground.

31st October, 2020

As part of our Phase 2 effort we were able to deliver PPE Kits to the following institutions:

Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital, Bangalore – 400 Kits

Rangadore Memorial Hospital, Bangalore - 400 Kits

BBMP Bommanahalli Zone, Bangalore – 400 Kits

08th October, 2020

We delivered 104 COVID-19 PPE Kits, 260 Hygiene PPE Kits and 260 Face Shields to Asha Kirana Charitable Trust Hospital, Mysuru. Dr. Srirama Rao, Nodal Officer, appreciated our efforts: “We gratefully acknowledge your noble gesture of donating the personal protection products. This contribution will immensely help the neediest staff and patients of our hospital/ institution.”

Another batch of 400 kits were sent on October 17, 2020 (Phase 2).

A total of 140 kits were also disbursed to Vaatsalya Hospital, Mysuru.

03rd October, 2020

We handed-over 160 COVID-19 PPE Kits and 240 Hygiene PPE Kits to Vani Vilas Hospital, Kalasipalya. Professor, Dr Geetha Shivamurthy, Medical
Superintendent, Vanivilas Hospital, praised this initiative from ThodaBahut and HOPE Foundation, and was also effusive in her praise of the young volunteers. She added that because of the severity of the outbreak more support was needed from the immediate community as well those fighting on the front-lines.

03rd October, 2020

We delivered 160 COVID-19 PPE Kits and 240 Hygiene PPE Kits to St. Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore. Sister Shanty Chacko, Nursing Superintendent, while receiving the supplies, showed much appreciation for ThodaBahut’s contribution towards fighting the pandemic.

03rd October, 2020

We disbursed 160 COVID-19 PPE Kits and 240 Hygiene PPE Kits to Bowring & Lady Curzon Medical College & Research Institute, Shivajinagar. Here’s what Dr. Manoj Kumar HV, Director and Dean, had to say about the gesture: “COVID PPE kits are much needed at this time and we appreciate the efforts of ThodaBahut and HOPE foundation in supplying quality products in our hour of need.”

01st October, 2020

The PPE kits presentation ceremony at Bangalore East Hospital, Krishnarajapura, turned out to be an impressive event in which the BBMP also participated. It was a congratulatory and motivational session for 350 healthcare workers who have been working tirelessly for the last six months in the Mahadevapura Ward.

The primary speaker was Dr. Manjula N, Managing Director of KPTCL, and Nodal Officer of BBMP’s Mahadevapura Ward. In a very heartfelt speech she succeeded in motivating all the healthcare workers who were present to continue to strive hard. Dr. B. Raghunath of Bangalore East Hospital was pleased to receive the 400 PPE kits on behalf of the hospital and appreciated this initiative from ThodaBahut and the HOPE Foundation.

Another tranche of 400 kits were given on October 22, 2020 (Phase 2).

ThodaBahut: Phase 2 Begins

A big Thank You to all Donors, Volunteers, and Office Bearers who contributed generously or worked tirelessly to make Phase I of our initiatives a resounding success. In a period of 6 weeks (between April-June, 2020) we supported 20000 Healthcare professionals and Police personnel with protective face-shields to combat the risks associated with fighting on the front-lines of the pandemic. 1100 auto-drivers also received monetary support towards monthly sustenance during the lockdown phases.

We have now started Phase 2 from October 1, 2020, which will last for about 4 weeks. In this phase of the pandemic, with the numbers of COVID-positive cases rising, we are focusing our efforts on Healthcare. We will be distributing PPE kits to Hospitals and other allied agencies who require them to protect their healthcare workers from first-hand exposure. The on-ground situation is still very serious and we urge all donors to continue to participate wholeheartedly in our program.

25th June, 2020

We always talk about the doctors and police when we talk about the frontline workers, but there are many who are involved in the whole process and we need to help them stay protected as they fight this crisis. We distributed 120 face shields to the screening staff at the entrance and the general ward staff of St Martha Hospital in Bengaluru.

24th June, 2020

Going beyond Karnataka to help the frontline workers in this time of crisis. We delivered 75 face shields to Government Hospital in Tambaram, chennai. We hope to help as many frontline workers as we can so that they can do their services being protected

19th June, 2020

The number of covid19 patients in Tamil Nadu has been on a rise for sometime and providing the hospitals their with the necessary safety equipments are of atmost importance. We delivered 100 face shields to Government Multi - Speciality Hospital in Tamil Nadu.

11th June, 2020

As the number of covid19 cases are rising, doctors and other hospital staff need to protect themselves to serve the people better.

To help them in the process we delivered another set of 75 masks to Vanivilas Hospital, Bengaluru.

5th June, 2020

Distributed face shields to the unrecognised hero's, the ambulance drivers (of the dodballapur area). They are on the field, working, getting the patients to the hospitals. They need to be provided proper protection, and we tried to do our bit. Hope this helps.

7th May, 2020

We distributed face shields to police personnels on the Bangalore Pune road at the check posts. We could see their happiness. This is all we long for. To help them in the smallest way in their service during this time of crisis

4th May, 2020

Distributed 75 face shields among gynaecology, anaesthesia and paramedical staff in kurnool medical college Hospital. We hope the face shields are of some help in minimising the risk of covid19.

2nd May, 2020

Delivered 1125 face shields to Mr Dharmendra, ACP, Vijaynagar for his team; Ramanagara Police decision; Yelehanka Newton police Town, Tumkur Road Police station - Madanayakanhalli; Vijayanagar Police Station and Cubbon Park Police Station.

Hope these face shields help them stay protected and minimize the risk the are facing on the ground.

1st May, 2020

Handed over 150 face shields to Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital. There is a small sense of joy we get when we see the frontline workers all protected nd guarded. Hope they always be safe and continue their service

30th April, 2020

Distributed 50 face shields to Mysore Airport police. Dr. Karthik Udappa also demonstrated the proper usage of the shield to inspector Shanmuga Varma and the team. We are thankful to Dr. Karthik for helping us out in these distribution.

28th April, 2020

It is mportant to note that patients undergoing dialysis every few days have little choice. Help and supplies have not really arrived at these places yet. As individuals we can support these places in a small way.

We delivered 350 face shields to Rangadore Memorial Hospital. Providing them with these face shields is our small way to support them. And we hope to help many more in the coming days

25th April, 2020

Protection of frontline workers is of atmost importance to minimise the risk of acquiring covid-19. Face shields play a very significant role in it.

Handed over 150 face shields to St. Philomena's Hospital for they safety of the frontline workers in the hospitals

25th April, 2020

It is becoming increasingly clear that all people must wear masks while out in public.

It is critical for the frontline workers to have face shields.

We received 7500 face shields and will be delivering it to the frontline workers as soon as we can.

24th April, 2020

It's been around two months now, the frontline workers are on the roads, hospitals leading the fight against covid19. We are trying to help them in whatever small way possible.

Delivered 300 face shields to Vani Vilas hospital for the doctors and residents to be well protected during their fight.

22nd April, 2020

With the lack of proper protection available, the staff of St Martha’s Hospital had started manufacturing face shields on their own.

We handed over 200 face shields to the hospital so they could stay protected and continue their service.

19th April, 2020

Thoda Bahut distributed 100 shields to the Mysore district hospital and the BM hospital premises. In charge of the COVID-19 unit, Mysore, Dr. Manjuprasad shares how our initiative is helping front line workers and auto drivers in this time of crisis. He also emphasized on the importance of these face shields for the protection of the healthcare workers.

17th April, 2020

We handed over 50 face shields to Sigma Hospital.
Staying protected at this situation is of at most importance. Dr. Karthik and Dr. Siddesh shared how useful these shields will be in their service

15th April, 2020

Delivered 100 face masks to Gunbdlupet district hospital who needed these shields in their fight against the virus

Delivered 100 face masks to Gunbdlupet district hospital who needed these shields in their fight against the virus

14th April, 2020

Received another set of 2000 face masks, we are hoping to help more front-line people in need.

11th April, 2020

Thoda Bahut delivers 1000 face shields to Mysore Medical College (MMCRI). Dean and Principal Dr. Nanja Rajaih and his team were there to receive shields.
They confirmed that at this point in time, security and health of their personnel is the greatest worry on their minds. As it is essential their personnel stay protected to be able to continue providing their services.

We delivered our first lot of 2000 Face Shields to Bangalore Police. While the delivery was happening, several of the policemen shared the stress they are under, with their workload and with this constant fear of the virus as they go about their duties outdoors. We hope this helps assuage their worries a little.

We also delivered 1000 Face Shields to Vaatsalya Hospital in Mysore. Hope this is of aid to the healthcare workers and hope it brings relief to their families at home.

10th April, 2020

We received our first lot of 4000 face shields. These will be of great help to the police and healthcare workers who are at the very forefront of the Covid19 battle. That we can be of help to them now, is some consolation.

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