Thoda Bahut FAQs

Let us start off by requesting your patience and support. Thoda Bahut was planned on 08.04.2020 and launched on 09.04.2020 as there was an immediate local need that could not wait.

So we understand that refinements, improvements and clarifications are necessary and we are building them as we go along.


What is Thoda Bahut?

Thoda Bahut is a community initiative that enables local giving for local and immediate intervention in Bengaluru for issues arising from the Covid19 pandemic and resultant lockdown.

Why should you contribute to Thoda Bahut?

The situation we are in demands immediate action. Thoda Bahut is based in Bengaluru and has built access to beneficiaries and suppliers.

Your contribution has immediate impact.

Given that it has affected the life of every citizen, there is a growing determination among citizens to participate in the fightback at the local community level. And the desire to see direct and immediate action.

You can also contribute by identifying Covid19-related issues in your local community and championing that cause on Thoda Bahut.

Who does my contribution reach?

At present Thoda Bahut has identified 3 sets of local beneficiaries.

  1. 15,000 auto drivers affiliated to 5 auto unions – Adarsh Auto, ARDU, Auto Dealer and Helper Union, Rajiv Gandhi Auto Union and Peace Auto.
    What we intend to do is ensure each of these drivers gets Rs. 1000/month for 3 months till they can get back to work.
  2. Bengaluru City Police.
    We intend to keep providing face shields for their personnel.
  3. Healthcare professionals.
    We intend to provide face shields and PPE Kits to frontline healthcare staff.

What platform is Thoda Bahut built on?

Thoda Bahut is built on GiveIndia, a reputed NGO and fundraising platform.

Who is managing and running Thoda Bahut?

The governing body of Thoda Bahut, as on date, is as follows:

Atul Jalan, Arun Chittilappilly, Alok Agarwal, Naren Dubey, Anuj Jhunjhunwala, Parik Laxminarayan, Rajesh Rajaram, Rachit Bhandary, Achal Goenka

The organising team of Thoda Bahut, as on date, is as follows:

We would be very happy to have more people from different streams and different communities on board.
If you are interested, please do get in touch at

Is Thoda Bahut restricted to Bengaluru?

Thoda Bahut has just been launched and is connecting with individuals and organisations in Bengaluru. But we are receiving enquiries and interest from other cities as well.

Organisations and those intending to take this platform to other cities to address immediate local issues there can write to Atul Batra ( )

How can an individual participate on Thoda Bahut?

You can be a part of Thoda Bahut by contributing to support the beneficiaries.

You can also participate by sharing the site or social media content with friends and family.
If you think you can be of help in any other way, do write us.
We will get back to you immediately.


Who disburses my money?

The disbursement is handled by GiveIndia.

How is my money disbursed?

Auto drivers – direct bank transfers to beneficiaries.
Face shields – direct payment to suppliers.

Is my donation on Thoda Bahut campaign via GiveIndia secure?

Your security is of utmost importance to us at Thoda Bahut and GiveIndia.

We have carefully selected our payment service providers to ensure that your donation payment details are handled securely.

Neither Thoda Bahut nor GiveIndia stores payment details of the donors.

We do not even require you to enter these details on the site.

Do I get a tax exemption on donations?

Donations to the Thoda Bahut program are received by GiveIndia, a registered NGO, and donations through this platform are tax exempted under 80G & 501(c)(3).

What payment methods are accepted on Thoda Bahut?

GiveIndia offers you several options to choose from, such as:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • Cash Cards
  • Wallets
  • Mobile Payments

Is there a minimum donation amount?

Yes. Your donation must be a minimum of ₹50 to be processed by GiveIndia.

Will my entire donation reach my selected beneficiary?

The entire donation reaches the beneficiaries in case of auto drivers and the entire amount contributed towards face shields reaches the suppliers.

Do I need to enter my PAN while making a donation?

As per the Indian Income Tax Authority Rule, it is mandatory to enter PAN for donations above ₹5,000.

For any other queries, contact

Can I make an anonymous donation?

Yes, GiveIndia provides you with an option to make an anonymous donations.

I can’t find my receipt. How can I get a new one?

Receipts for all donations will reach the donor within 60 days from the date of the transaction.

You can also log in to your account on GiveIndia to access your donation history.

I am facing a problem while trying to make a donation. Where can I get help?

If you are facing a problem while making a donation or wish to query any donation, please contact or +91-99710-61236.

Program Partnership

How can my organisation be part of Thoda Bahut?

There are 4 ways your organisation can be part of Thoda Bahut.

  1. Join the governing body and initiate support for a cause you relate with. Once you do this, you can create your own team and use the platform.
    For more on this, connect with Atul Batra ( )
  2. You can fund the campaign through your CSR program.
    For more on this, connect with Atul Batra ( )
  3. You can orchestrate a Thoda Bahut campaign and raise funds.
    We have the material you need for this on our Resources page.
    For more information, connect with Ajith Nayar (
  4. You can broadcast information on Thoda Bahut within your organisation network.

How can I receive information to share within my organisation network?

Once a representative of your organisation is in touch with us, we will ensure they have access to all the material we create.

How can I run a campaign in my organisation?

Once you connect with us, we will share a template that can help you set up a volunteering team and a process to make Thoda Bahut your own.

Supply & Material

Where are personal protection products sourced from?

We have the following 2 manufacturers for personal protection equipment.

Synpack Polyolefin Pvt. Ltd.
Contact: Naushik Kabra
Phone: 99020 34213
Product Information:

SSS Springs
Contact: Vivek Krishnan, CEO
Product Information – Download now

Fracktal Works
Contact: Rohit Asil, Co-Founder
Product Information – Download now

Please contact manufacturers for more information about their products. Personal protection products are supplied directly to beneficiaries on request, ThodaBahut or GiveIndia do not take ownership of products at any time.

As a manufacturer how can I place an enquiry to supply my product?

Reach out to us immediately at


How do we reach out for general enquiries?