Wish to make our police and healthcare workers feel safer?

All you need to do, is make a video!

We have been working hard to manufacture and distribute 200,000 face shields for Bengaluru’s police and healthcare. And that’s where you can help us with your video. The more your videos go around, the more people get aware about the cause and contribute to it. Contributions will help us manufacture and distribute more masks.
So, let’s go! Let’s help people around us who are fighting for us!

Why are we doing this? Because we felt that it is fastest if we are able to organise these locally and provide them locally.

So where are we struggling? We need funds to keep this entire show going. The more funds we have, the more face shields we can provide, the safer our people are.

Now, you can help us! If you create a video and share it, more people will hear about thodabahut.org and more people will see what we do. And hopefully, more people will contribute.

Claim your badge of appreciation

*Your claim will be valid only if you have minimum 10 engagements (Likes,Shares or Comments) on your post.



    So here is what we ask of you and here is what we promise you.

    1. We are looking at volunteers not above 25 years of age. (We won’t ask you for an age certificate, we will just trust you.)
    2. Your video should not be longer than 40 seconds. (Just that people these days have limited patience.)
    3. Your video needs to tell people why it is necessary to provide police and healthcare workers with face shields.
    4. Your video needs to be shared with #thodabahut. (Mandatory)
    5. In your video, please do request your friends to make their own Thoda Bahut videos (not mandatory, but do try).
    6. The video must be public. (Sadly, we won’t be able to track private posts)
      – If you are posting the video on Facebook, make the post public.
      – If you are using Instagram as your platform, please make your account public and it should be a post.
    7. Tag our page @ThodaBahut on Facebook and @thoda_bahut on Instagram (not mandatory)
    8. ThodaBahut team will review all the videos and feature the videos best suited to the theme.
    9. If your video has 10 engagements, we will post a Thoda Bahut Badge of Appreciation on our wall tagging you. You can also come to the site and claim your Certificate of Appreciation.
    10. If your video has 50 engagements, we will feature you on Thoda Bahut as a Community Champion.
    11. And the Top 5 videos in terms of engagement? We will feature them on Thoda Bahut, of course, but we will also have 100 face shields delivered to them. Which they can distribute to people in their locality who they think deserve it. (It could be a local healthcare worker or a BBMP worker or a delivery boy, you decide.)
    12. By participating, you allow us to re-purpose your video.
    13. The campaign will run for a period of one month, i.e 19th June,2020.


    So please pull out your phones and get those great ideas flowing!