The best way you can help us, it take our story to more people.

What we do at Thoda Bahut is enable local giving for quick and effective intervention. Addressing local issues helps us bring beneficiaries, funds and suppliers together faster. Currently we have campaigns running on, a leading pan-India NGO and online fund-raising platform.
At our end, we have created an ecosystem that can deliver faster on-ground execution than state-run programmes that will take time to mobilise resources and aid.
What you can do for us, it spread this story where you have influence, in your organisation or community. Remember that our police force and healthcare workers need help now. They cannot wait. And even if you can help deliver 100 more face shields, that will mean a lot to 100 people fighting our battle for us.

There are 5 ways you can volunteer with us.

If you see the need to provide protective equipment in your community, you can champion your own cause. You can create your own fundraiser, reach out to local beneficiaries and raise funds. For that you can use the Thoda Bahut platform and we can put you in touch with our suppliers.
We really believe that forming small fundraiser groups that can provide protective equipment in their own communities is the way to go about addressing this problem

You can organise a fundraiser with teams within your organisation. The idea is to set yourself a timeframe, make a plan and see how you can motivate people in your team (and others) to participate and donate.
Organisations that have done it this far have created interesting videos to motivate their teams to donate, created regular updates, scorecards, champions and much else to make the entire activity interesting.
Here is one of the scorecards we saw. This makes for an interesting team activity in these bleak times and also helps the cause.

As a volunteer or an influencer yourself, you can reach out to other influencers, educate them what the effort is all about and get them to promote Thoda Bahut with their followers. For this, you can use the videos on our site or make your own videos.
Influencers can also be convinced to promote the program within their community of organisation which will help us increase visibility substantially. Here is an example of an organisation running an internal Thoda Bahut Campaign.

We also look forward to corporates taking up our current campaign as their own. If that be the case, we can provide you the material you need to take the message across your organisation and on your social media channels.
We can also support corporates if they have their own local causes and wish to use the Thoda Bahut platform to raise funds for the same. Because we really believe that the best way to help the community in these circumstances, is go local.

We have been working hard to manufacture and distribute 200,000 face shields for Bengaluru’s police and healthcare. And that’s where you can help us with your video. The more your videos go around, the more people get aware about the cause and contribute to it. Contributions will help us manufacture and distribute more masks.
So, let’s go! Let’s help people around us who are fighting for us!